14 photos that are shouting to you: Visit New Zealand

Few countries has such a number of so diferent landscapes and an unique wildlife like New Zealand.

You can find wild beaches without any human presence in view


others with amazing rocks like in Moeraki beach with great numbers of big boulders,


The Pancake rocks everyday with a great sea sound inside and with a hide surprise if you visit it with big waves


The wildlife is wonderful, lots of cetaceans, like sperm whales and dolphins in Kaikoura, with the background of southern Alpes.


several albatroses species and other sea birds that you can find in Kaikoura and around the country


and the world only mountain parrot, the Kea


The Kiwi, hard to find outside of wildlife centers but possible anyway. Our only photo into the woods is not a great photo and for this reason we include one easy to see, the one on the roads that marks places where you have to drive at low speed to reduce any risk to hit one.

P1120977New Zealand have beautiful and charming cities as Wellington, in the photo, or Chirstchurch in spite of earthquakes.


Roturoa in the north island is a termal and volcanic area, very interesting and great for hiking and with plenty of photo oportunities.


There are mountain ranges, mainly in the southt island


the greatest ones are the southern Alpes.


with several glaciers to visit, you can hike easily to his face or take an adventurous tour inside the glacier


The country has an amazing light for photography, with sunrises as the next one in Otago península


and sunsets really awesome


New Zealand is a must for any person who like nature, wildlife and photography. As the country is far from nearly all places, probably is far from your country of living, is not a cheap trip but if you have the opportunity please forget the plane boring hours, forget the weather, if you have to visit it in winter, and forget the earthquake risc. New Zealand worth the visit for sure, you fall in love with it and the kiwis (the people, the bird and the fruit).


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